FOGUARD Anti-Fog Cloth   

It gives clear views at all times in daily fogging conditions.
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    FOGUARD Anti-Fog Cloth
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  • Manufacturer
    NanoEcoWay Co., Ltd
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    South Korea
  • Material
    Microfibre (80%Polyester, 20% Nylon)
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Product code G0000015384 Date 2022-02-24
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1. Lasts up to 6 hrs per coating.

2. Able to use more than 200 times

How to use

1. Wash the surface of the lenses with water if dirty.

2. Wipe the front and back of the lenses with the cloth evenly.

3. Check with a breath if the coating is well covered.



-Do not wash the cloth with water (functions will be disappeared)

-Wash the lenses with water once a week if you coat regularlly.

-Do not rub your eyes or face with the cloth.


-Recommend to use zipper bags to keep the cloth for the longer use.

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