Round Ultem Frames
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Product code G0000005316 Date 2020-03-06
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Ultem Frames  



OEM available 

MOQ: 150pcs/color(negotiable), Delivery: 60~75 days 


For further information, please contact us directly. 

T: +82-53-354-3353, E:  jelee@dreameyes.krMessenger(LINE, Whatsapp, Wechat): +82-10-6488-3056   




Dream Eye is an eyeglasses frame & sunglasses manufacturing company based in Daegu, Korea.

With our experienced staffs, well-equipped facilities, and customer-oriented service, we have been in a good relationship with our customers from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and other South East Asian countries since 2012.


Our main business is;

  • OEM, ODM (TR, Ultem, Acetate, Metal, Combi, etc..)

  • House brand - TMTM 


If you’re looking for a good, reliable business partner in Korea, we will be the right one for you! 

Any inquiries on our products or any business suggestions are always welcoming. 




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