Brand New Ultrason Eyewear Frame for Everyone   

Free of toxins, Clean, Safe, Light and Soft
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    Brand New Ultrason Eyewear Frame for Everyone
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What is Ultrason Eyeglass Frame?

Ultrason is advanced material made from the chemical company BASF in Germany. It is known for .Eyeglass frames made of Ultrason are clean, safe, light, and elastic. It is easy to adjust temples for your face. You can feel soft and comfortable fit when you wear them. It is not easily broken but easy to keep. What’s more, frames can be applied diverse colors on them as Ultrason is transparent. You can choose stylish colors as you want.
Ultrason is approved by FDA(The United States Food and Drug Administration), EU, and NSF(National Science Foundation: American product testing, inspection and certification organization). Ultrason is especially designed for applications that require high heat resistance ‒it always keeps stiffness and dimensional stability even when used at very high temperatures. Its extraordinary property profile allows all Ultrason grades to be molded into high-quality, highly stressed parts for high-performance applications in a lot of industries.

Who Wears Eyeglasses Made of Ultrason?
  • Those who are allergic to metal
  • Those who sweat a lot
  • Those who have sensitive skin
  • Those who want to buy glasses at reasonable price
  • Those who buy a safe and lightweight glasses for your children or parents
  • Those who are looking for stylish and elastic glasses
Ultrason glasses are comfortable, safe and light weight for everyone!

 Description of Ultrason from BASF